Five from 5! – Spencer Parker

In this series we ask five people within the underground house (& its sub genres) scene, 5 questions.

First up we are pleased to have and welcome DJ/producer – Spencer Parker.

Spencer Parker is one of Europe’s leading DJs, his unique style of house and techno is in demand the world over and with his productions, remixes and re-edits being supported by names such as Ryan Elliot, Dinky, Ricardo Villalobos, Radio Slave, Dixon, DJ Deep, Gerd Jansson and Zip, the future looks bright. 

Spencer’s musical style is simply described best as, underground house music. Preferred record labels range from the techno stylings of Planet E, Perlon, Underground Resistance, Rekids and Relief, through to the uber-cool house of Rush Hour, SOM, Tsuba and Playhouse. A “typical” set from Spencer could include everything from acid house and techno to some cool jackin’ tracks and the odd trippy vocal. Now a resident of Berlin, Spencer has guested at all of the cities best clubs including Watergate, Bar 25, Arena, Wilde Renate and Weekend, as well as continuing his highly successful residency for the Rekids label, at the world famous Panorama Bar. As well as playing regularly in his adopted home town, Spencer is in high demand worldwide, with recent visits alone including Russia, China, Japan, America, Australia, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK.

What influenced you to become a DJ?

Nothing, really. I never had any aspirations to be a DJ at all; all I used to do was collect records to remind me of a good night’s clubbing. If I heard Harvey play at Ministry of Sound, and he played a great record on Vicious Muzik, then I would be straight down Black Market Records in Soho trying to find it, so I could listen to it at home. So there were never any thoughts of “OK, I want to be a DJ!” I just came at it from a fans point of view – i.e., I love that record and I want to be able to hear it/play it whenever I want.
But after a while I had quite a few great records and my friend was having a party and I asked to play as I thought it would be fun. And it was!

Highest High & Lowest Low (DJing or in life)

I would have to say that playing the closing set, on a Sunday, at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, recently, was probably one of the time’s I’ve most enjoyed DJing. Everything about that club is great, from the staff to the crowd, to the sound system, so it was a real honour to be asked to play the last set of the weekend. I played after Green Velvet and with no strict closing time, you never really know how long you are gonna play, so you are always having to think on your feet and think about the pace of the night. I eventually stopped close to 7 hours after I had started.

The lowest point of DJing…. Well, there’s been a few, but, to be honest, you learn a hell of a lot more from the bad experiences than you do from the great ones. So, although they can be horrible to deal with at the time, I try to be kind of level headed about them…

The first time you heard one of your tracks playing, by somebody else, how did it make you feel?

Rather nice, actually. The first thing I ever did was an edit of Todd Terje “Eurodans”. I passed it to Pete Tong just after I had finished it and he played it on Radio 1 that Friday. So, I had a lot of people calling me up and asking about it, which was pretty cool for my first ever foray into production!

Tell us something random about yourself, others may not know.

I’m simultaneously trying to learn German AND French and doing pretty badly at both!

Fav biscuit

My beautiful French girlfriend has introduced me to a biscuit called “Le Petit Prince”. I may have got the exact name wrong, but it’s basically a butter based biscuit on one side and covered in chocolate on the other. I can no longer have them in the house, as, if they are within reach, an entire packet will disappear within a day or two!

Big thanks to Spencer for giving us some of his time. Make sure to follow the blog to get the heads up for the 2nd in the five from 5 series.

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