Natalie Coleman interview and Mooch meets Mobilee……….

The Platform Project catches up with the ever so Humble Girl about town, DJ & Mooch promoter Natalie Coleman. Ahead of her up coming event, to be held at Basing House.

Entering into promotion Natalie, alongside fellow residents and co-promoters, Ed Jones and Nick Walters created Mooch. An evening of the best moody minimal n playful techno. Since its inception in January 2009 Mooch has consistently been rated as the only place to spend your Saturday night in Shoreditch by Time Out Magazine and Mixmag. Having carved out 6 notches on Cargo’s bedpost, the time had come for the affair to end, Mooch was on the move….

Mooch say “it’s about getting back to our roots and moving the party back to an intimate, social venue with an uncompromising Funktion One sound system, which fits our definition of London’s underground house & techno scene”.

Boasting some seriously monster promotions since its name change and overhaul from On the Rocks, Their new home Basing House is turning into the go to place to party. An intimate venue with a minimal decor, that’s very feel’able from the bare stripped back brickwork to the camouflage clad ceiling. It’s no nonsense subtleties make it a venue to get your head down and feel the music. It truly is a Shoreditch hotspot for the electronic dance music fan.

Natalie Coleman interview…

Over the past few years Nat’s name has been on the flyer of almost every London party worth its salt. Influenced by heavyweights such as Luciano, Queen Maxine and Loco Dice her unique style of driving minimal house, blended with playful techno has seen her rock packed out floors alongside the likes of Booka Shade, Martin Landsky, Hearthrob, Jerome Sydenham, Dinky, Mr C, tINI, Guti to name a few. Nat’s residency at Terry Hart’s Redlight Afterhours has given her a platform on which to build a reputation for consistently delivering the goods. Adding to this with a slot at Booka Shade’s Album Launch, Jaded and regular appearances for Genius, HouseFM and other London underground parties, she has cemented her place as one of London’s rapidly rising stars.

Where did it all begin for you?

Well I was helping out with a bit of promotions for my friends at WiSH a few years back. It was a whole new world, as I never really had any idea that House/Techno music existed. When I heard this new music I got hooked on it. So about 4 years ago, I bought some Decks and got practicing from there. As I already did promotions, I decided now I was planning to set up a new night with my best friend Ed, and that’s how MOOCH came about. I was very lucky too, and grateful to Terry at Redlight to give me a weekly residency at his afterhours night. There I got my confidence but also spun alongside some amazing DJ’s such as Martin Landsky, Anthea, Tim Paris, Silicone Soul, Mr C… 

Lowlights or highlights from your first gig.

The first gig was a bit of a funny one. It was in some dodge club in Clerkenwell. The monitor was completely busted. I was lucky to have supportive friends there to calm my nerves. We then went on to another club and partied, so that made up for the bad bits. 

What is Mooch’s ethos and how did it come about.

Our ethos…. Hmmm. Well it was just to put on a party for friends. Ed and I love partying. We also have taken on a 3rd promoter Nick recently. It works perfectly as all 3 of us have similar tastes, but bring something different to the plate. Sometimes an artist what one of us might not think of booking, the other may plant the seed and we research more and think actually this will be really cool. We like to try to book artists for their first London gig, or that hasn’t been booked very much in London so we bring something a bit fresh to the scene. 

Who or what are your influences (in and/or out of music?)

In music I have many. My first influence would be Queen Maxine. When I first discovered clubbing as such I used to go watch her all the time at DTPM [Fabric]. Also another big influence is good friend Kath Harding. She gave me a few mixing lessons, but also working alongside of her at her night WiSH; she introduced me to Tech House. At far as well-known DJ’s I love Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Anthea, Adam Port, Skudge, Timid Boy…. the list goes on.

Outside of music, I LOVE cooking. It’s a big thing for me. So I guess Celebrity Chefs like Rick Stein, Gordon Ramsey, and Jamie Oliver etc…

What or how do you prepare for a DJ set?

I don’t really prepare as such. I burn new CD’s all the time. So I guess just listening to tracks over and over again on my Ipod. Then whether I’m playing warm up, main or closing set I kinda have in mind what I want to play. Also helps having a good memory as I pretty much know where everything is in my CD case….

Any advice to the newbie.

Play with your heart…. Play the music that makes you happy. Try not to follow trends as they die fast…. and just enjoy the music. Oh and an organised CD case always helps!

Thanks Nat for taking the time out to speak to us….

Fast forward to the 3rd September, we head to Shoreditch’s Kingsland Rd. Our destination, Basing House. Having been to many Mooch events over the past year or so I knew this would be an event not to miss.

Visioned as Mooch meets Mobilee….all mixed up in a storming rave cave. Armed with the camera we enter…

It’s still a little early so numbers are slowly growing, we grab a drink and settle down to the first of two excellent back to back sessions from co-promoters Ed Jones and Nick Walters.

Ed and Nick getting down to business…

Unfortunately for us we had just missed Natalie Coleman’s set, which as in previous encounters would have been an eclectic mix of old and new tracks well thought out and delivered right on point.

The time had come And.Id steps up to the platters to smash the dance floor with a 2 hr mixture of inspiring music. Fresh, new and classic tracks are laid down with warmth that just flow right through you. I find myself pinned to the dance floor for its entirety. If you’ve yet to witness And.Id you really need to put this on your to do list, he will not disappoint.

A truly memorable performance by And.Id is followed by the second B2B session from Nick & Ed to round off the night perfectly.

Well done Mooch you’ve done it again, top trumps…Roll on the next one.

What’s next for Mooch, well up coming they have their 3rd Birthday event. Confirmed for 14th Jan 2012 @ Basing house. This is sure to be a roadblock not to be missed. Head over to their blog and like their Facebook page to get all the updates on whats happening.


You can see more pictures taken on the night in our gallery.

For more info on all mentioned click their relevant links;

Natalie Coleman

Ed Jones

Nick Walters




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